Better Off Tread 1.3.0 is Ready to Rumble!

Howdy, tank fans! We might have seemed just little quiet these last few weeks, but there’s been plenty of activity behind that curtain — and we’re overdue for some show ‘n tell.

If you haven’t already grabbed it, our latest full release, 1.3.0, is available for download through the Pixel Constructor website and elsewhere. It’s our biggest update since Better Off Tread launched and packed with good stuff: game performance has been optimized for better framerates, the UI’s been given additional polish, and — thanks to some clever-dick Unity scripting from our programmer-wizards — all the visuals now have an extra level of color and ‘pop’.


Better Off Tread 1.3.0 - Before and After

And beyond that, there’s a smattering of new features, all substantial enough to deserve a few words of their own. So:



Those hard-working mechanics in the Better Off Tread motor pool have been pulling some serious hours installing additional tricks in our tanky heroes, and now you’ve got the chance to take ’em out for a spin.

First, and maybe most importantly, your tank can now jump! It’s a feature we’ve been planning to add for a few months now, and are extremely excited to finally see in action. Give it a shot and evade enemy attacks, vault over obstacles, unlock secret routes, or maybe just grab some sweet air… because it’s there.

And if you’re looking for a way to really stick it to your foes after you’ve bunny-hopped them into treaded oblivion, a quick tap of the ‘R’ key blasts out a cheeky horn fanfare guaranteed to get their dander up. Long term, we’re hoping to offer a wider variety of purchasable audio taunts — more on that at a later date, though.



In a furious firefight, every little edge helps. 1.3.0 introduces a new system that gives you exactly that: Boosts. Boosts are special one-time bonuses you can buy with Parts and equip before the start of a match for that all-important competitive advantage. Currently, there’s four kinds of Boosts available for purchase:

  • Armored Hull: Absorb more damage.
  • Enhanced Breechloader: Increase your rate of fire.
  • Improved Jump Jets: Get more air with your jumps!
  • Overcharged Engine: Beef up your movement speed.

Stock up and be the envy (and terror) of all your foes!


Better Off Tread Boosts


If you’re thinking “It sure would be great if there was some way to test-drive all these new features out before I hit the online circuit” — well, that’s what we thought, too. That’s why there’s a new Practice Mode option in the game menu, giving you a chance to hone your tankin’ skills against up to five AI opponents. But watch out: these bots take no prisoners!


Better Off Tread Practice Mode


Where next? Great things, we hope! After getting the thumbs-up from Valve in the last-ever round of Greenlight applications, we’re currently in the process of bringing Better Off Tread to Steam — and a couple of other platforms we don’t want to jinx juuuust yet. As of 1.3.0, we’ll also be shooting for quarterly content updates, offering bigger packs of tanks, maps, and other content alongside a more regular stream of tweaks.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you in game!



Added Content:

  • New Taunt function. Press R to blow your tank’s horn.
  • New Jump function. Press Space to make your tank jump short distances.
  • New Boost purchase option available. Boosts are special one-time bonuses to your tank’s ability and are used up after the match you equip them in.
  • New Practice mode option. Play offline free-for-all matches against up to five AI opponents.
  • Updated UI elements. Buttons have been replaced and positioning adjusted.
  • More colorful graphics through Unity scripting.
  • New Camera Sensitivity Slider.
  • Added traps to Base Camp Alpha. More environmental hazards are already in the works, so watch your tread!

Bug Fixes:

  • Backend Improvements to Level Loading. Some levels have had their load times decreased dramatically. Will speed up our ability to create, test, and add new levels to the game.
  • Navigation meshes in all levels have been fixed.
  • Fixed Issue where the intro would not take into effect the Player Sound Settings.
  • Fixed issue where [X] buttons in windows were overly specific about where you needed to click.
  • Fixed level animation issues on radar truck in Base Camp Alpha.
  • Fixed issue where controls were not appearing.

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