Better Off Tread V 1.2.0 Update

Hello from Tank Central! This week we’ve done some major work on the UI, including structural, color and font changes across various menus and messages; more importantly, we’ve added the Police cosmetic set and updated the Officer set! The Police set includes a Police Cap, Baton & Cuffs, and a strobing police flasher (lights up and everything!) while the updates to the Officer pack include a Combat Medal and Epaulettes to the existing Officer Cap. Both of these sets look fantastic with the Mirrorshades, and military officers especially look great with capes of all sorts for that extra dramatic flair.

We’ve also added fullscreen toggling, and worked out errors with matchmaking and some past UI issues. So there you have it! This abbreviated quarter isn’t done yet, so expect a little more before we start the next quarter and the regular release schedule. Come out, bring your friends, and get to blasting!

Release Notes for Version 1.2.0

Added content:
– New Police cosmetic set.
– Updated Officer cosmetic set to add Combat Medal and Epaulettes.
– Updated UI structure and UI fonts.
– Added fullscreen toggle to garage Settings.

Bug Fixes:
– Fix to upper left and upper right UI elements getting cut off
at lower resolutions.
– Reduced error logging during matches with additional checks.

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