Rolling Out!

Ladies and gentletanks, the day is finally here! Better Off Tread is now rolling inexorably across the internet landscape.

We’re immensely proud of having a game completed for launch, and we hope you find it as fun to play as we’ve found it fun to make.

Download and get on in there!  Let your friends know! Be aware also that this is indeed a soft launch and we plan to be rolling out (get it?) more additions as the days, weeks, and months go on. If you’re anything like our testers, though, you’ll find it ridiculously fun on day one.

Create an account! Trot out Lil’ Brutus and its snazzy hat! Explode your enemies– and your friends! Customize your tank to give it exactly the hats and accessories to make yourself stand out. Try out a new tank model to change upyour gameplay.

And watch this space. We have a lot more in store for our little tanky friends.


Play Better Off Tread for Free on PCPlay Better Off Tread for Free on Mac

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