I Feel Tanky, Oh So Tanky!

When we started talking about making a tank game, we all agreed on one important thing: our core game philosophies would not be compromised. We were intent on making a game that’s easy to learn and fun to play.

We wanted every tank to be distinct. It’s certainly POSSIBLE to make a bunch of tanks that look alike, but who wants that? We’ll talk about different tank models in a future post, but we can tell you now that different tank models have different options as well as stats. Some are faster, some are more solid, and some are just really good at blowing stuff up. But ALL of them can equip a variety of fun accessories.

Sure, you can make military tanks.


You can make snooty tanks.


You can even make a tank with a witch hat.


We have more than just hats, too: there are capes, eyeglasses, mustaches, and a double-handful of other objects in the following categories:

  • Hats
  • Back Items
  • Accessories (two slots!)
  • (In the near future) Skins

Players can save these customizations to default every time they play. They can also change their appearance before jumping into an arena, because who doesn’t want to dress for the occasion?





This is just a small preview of the myriad customizations available for our tanks. Tell us: what would YOU like to see? Maybe your idea will make it into one of our updates! We’ll be releasing new material regularly, so if you don’t see the magnificent barbarian greatsword-and-loincloth combination you’ve been waiting for, just keep playing!

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