Magnificent Arenas Of Destruction

So, what have we already told you about Better Off Tread? You definitely know there’s tanks with amazing hats, but there must be more to it, right?

Worry not: we have a LOT of stuff prepared and even more in the pipeline. We’re also going to be going into detail about our plans in the coming days and weeks, introducing you to various tank models, power-ups, maps, and so on.

Today, let’s start with a broad overview of some of our worlds!


Welcome to Battletown! This, er, formerly thriving metropolis is full of interest. Things on fire! Things that COULD POTENTIALLY be on fire! There’s a lot to blow up here besides your fellow tanks; beware, however, since there are ALSO plenty of things that you really don’t want to throw a shell at.

Goat Soup and the Temple of Boom

The Temple of Boom! One might wonder what sort of person would build a temple so massive that you could roll multiple tanks through it. The answer? It’s also the sort of person who lays traps for the unwary tank-sized explorer.


The Ignition Islands! Surely there’s no downside to having a fast-paced tank battle on floating rocks miles above the ground, right? The terrain can definitely be your enemy here, even if the view is spectacular.


The Undertread, where the floor is lava. Need we say more? We will. Soon.


The Combat Matrix is both a training zone and a really, really DANGEROUS training zone. It’s also faintly reminiscent of something from our past…

These are just a few of the levels and themes we have planned over the coming months. Some will be available in the initial launch, but we plan to add new content as time goes on. Watch this space!

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