First Grumpy Witch Snapshot, And A New Arrival!

Greetings, witchlovers!

I bet you’re wondering what happened to us through the winter. Well, Emilia’s cottage got snowed in, the batkin have been hibernating, and we’ve been shacked up making games happen while we waited for things to thaw. And now that spring’s on the move, we’re back with a couple of exciting updates!

First of all, our first backer alpha for Grumpy Witch will be winging its way to you shortly. Over the course of development, we’re planning to give you periodic and playable snapshots of our progress, starting with chance to test-drive our most recent batch of new levels. The alpha doubles the size of our original demo, but also reflects a lot of the feedback we’ve heard from you and other players.

We’ve received some great suggestions since we launched our campaign, and have definitely taken them to heart. So as levels progress, they become more challenging. Platforming becomes trickier. Enemies and hazards get nastier. The mines are absolutely gorgeous, and the flight level beyond has a bunch of hidden surprises for the more exploration-minded among you.

So give it a whirl, see what you think, and let us know how you find it! You can comment here, and you can also always email us at

In the meantime, our design team’s already neck-deep in planning for the next world, in addition to wrapping the work needed for our first big, big boss fight in Chapter 1. You might see some references to who lives on top of the mountain; let’s just say that she’s refusing to show herself until we can guarantee she’ll be presented in her fullest glory!

Our second news item is a little bit less witchy in nature, but we’re still pretty darned excited about it.

Ever since production of Grumpy Witch kicked into high gear, Michael–our beloved President, founder, and self-proclaimed Caffeinated Madman–has been trying his hardest not to get underfoot and let the development team get on with the developing. Michael being Michael, he decided the best way to avoid micro-managing everybody else to death was to go off and build some games of his own. So that’s exactly what he did.

Several prototypes later, he came back to us with this:


An arena tank combat game takes itself about as seriously as we do: only enough to be awesome. Travel to floating islands, mysterious temples, and deep dungeons… and BLOW UP YOUR FRIENDS.

Our artists looked at these tanks and said: “But what about hats?”


And lo, there were hats. So many hats. We’ve got tanks with helmets. We’ve got tanks with mustaches. We’ve got tanks with capes. Heck, we’ve even got a tank with a wizard hat.

You want to team up with your friends to blow up the rest of your friends? We’ve got you covered. This is proper multiplayer mayhem, with room for up to 12 people at a time across 4 teams. Compete for power-ups, use the terrain to your advantage, avoid traps—or trick your enemies into tripping them. It’s wild fun, and pulling ourselves away to add new stuff to the game has been a struggle at the best of times.

We’ll be releasing Better Off Tread as a free ad-supported title to browsers and Steam in the near future. While it’s definitely not as big or resource-intensive a game as Grumpy Witch, we hope it’s just as much fun. We’re also hoping the interest it drums up will give us additional resources to expand development for Grumpy Witch — a win-win for everybody. You can find out more about Better Off Tread by visiting the official BOT Facebook and website, or by following us on Twitter and Tumblr.

That’s it for now, but rest assured Emilia’s story is just getting started. Believe us, anyone who gets in her way is going to have a really bad time…

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