Staff Introduction: Samantha Smith, Community Outreach

Samantha Smith, Community OutreachHello, my name is Samantha, and I like bees.

Okay, there’s more to me than that! But I DO like bees.

I’ve been an avid gamer since before I owned a computer, and I owned a computer well before a lot of today’s gamers were born. I went from playing Castle Adventure in a government computer lab (true story) to sifting through .dat files, trying to find lines of in-game dialogue to give me game-completing hints, all before the internet was a thing you could tap into at home. I also devoured my father’s Dungeons & Dragons books, outfitting scores of imaginary adventuring parties before finally playing my first game at age eight.

Since then, I’ve been living the dream. I have, like everyone else, a novel I’ve never finished and a lot of time spent gaming rather than making something of lasting worth. But I’ve also performed Shakespeare in front of crowds, met some of my idols, and earned a graduate degree that lets me talk about gentrification as well as geek out over different mixtures of concrete and mortar. I’ve studied parageography—the study of imaginary places—and worked on a fan project, Ultima V: The Lazarus Project. I even worked in the industry for a few years: first at NCSoft as the first GM for City of Heroes, then at Blizzard answering questions and writing standard responses. Like most other people, I had a hard time really breaking past the wall from support to development.

And then I met Pixel Constructor—and Emilia. I was hooked. I bet you will be, too.

With all my service background, I will be your friendly neighborhood Community Outreach and geek wrangler. I’ll also be bashing on pixels in the background, because no one breaks things I like I break things. I’m hoping to make the transition into writing and design, two of my truest loves, but for now I’m just enthused to be here.

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