An Anniversary! One Year With Grumpy Witch (and Pixel Constructor)

Hello, folks. Today marks the day in 2015 that we broke official ground on Pixel Constructor and started off making Grumpy Witch: Emilia’s Revenge a reality. This is especially important because in just a few days, we’ll be bringing the game’s playable demo to Indiegogo, where we hope to cement it as a game that people will also want to make a reality – all signs point to a good start, and for that alone I am very grateful. But to be honest, I’m grateful for many things. I’d like to share some of our experiences with you now.

I conceived of what would become Pixel Constructor in August of last year, around the time my wife gave birth to our first child. I’d saved up a lot of vacation time to be there for both of them in that first very important month, but if you’ve ever been involved in childbirth, you know that first month basically involves in a lot of feeding and sleeping for both mother and baby – so, I had a lot of free time on my hands between trips for diapers and whatnot. Now as some of you know, I’m also a published author of science fiction… but all that work is incredibly dark, and I thought, what could I do artistically, something that would be satisfying for myself but also that my baby son could enjoy (or at least sit and appreciate) before he hits his teenage years? Well, the only thing I love as much as writing and painting are video games, and that medium encompasses every means of storytelling that I knew – so, games it is.

Now I’ve been playing games since the dawn of the Atari 2600 (because I am an ancient) and making games had been something that I had wanted to do since I was very young… so really, you get to a point in your life that you decide there’s no time like the present, and you go for it. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to find, from the start, a collection of people who believed in the humorous and vibrant world of Grumpy Witch, many of whom themselves bring great industry experience to the table; I’ve also been incredibly fortunate to find that this collection of people can put up with my crap, come back to work the next day, and love doing what they do. I’m not always the easiest person to work with, but they deal with me. For that alone they deserve their paychecks. It’s not just that they’re realizing my dream, they’ve taken this dream on themselves and are making it into something that we can all share through their work.

Which brings us to where we are today.

So, while last week marked a year that Grumpy Witch came into being as a game concept, today is the actual birthday of the company. In a few days, we’ll be sharing part of what we’ve been working on with the world, and it’s my dear and fervent hope that the world will, in fact, love it and help bring it to fruition. But even if they don’t… I want to stress that working with everyone here at Pixel Constructor, every tight timetable navigated and every creative discussion that turned into a good experience and not a slog in ego-driven mud, every adventure with funding (and there are ALWAYS adventures with funding, especially pre-investor/pre-funding) that has come about, these people have stood by me and this company, and have given their utmost even when others might not have. I want Pixel Constructor to be a profound success… but if fortune doesn’t favor us, anyone in the industry would be fools not to snap up any of my team and give them the positions they so richly deserve.

So that’s me, then, on my soapbox. When we come out with the game, play it, love it, and know that a lot of love and hard work also went in to making this demo… and that there is so much more already being constructed. It all just depends on you.

With Respect,

Michael Shean

Pixel Constructor, LLC

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