Staff Introduction: Rachel Fogg, Artist

Rachel FoggHello! My name is Rachel Fogg, artist, webcomic creator, writer, and part-time hedgehog. I dwell in the mythical land of Baltimore, Maryland with my big bro Cabbage and my bear moose lion cat, Ezio (he’s a huge cat). On the days I’m not furiously trying to complete various projects, I’m often playing games, writing fan fiction, and completing thumbnails of my webcomic!

I started drawing when I was a wee girl, and frankly never stopped, despite some close calls. In 2011, I was injured on the right side of my body, and thought I would never draw again. But through therapy and urging of my friends, I was able to accelerate my skills, and now I can’t believe how far I’ve come. Last year I was able to achieve a dream of mine by becoming a featured artist in Udon’s Capcom Fighting Tribute artbook. After that, I started gaining a lot of attention from my various comic projects. Earlier this year, I teamed up with Golden Bell Entertainment to create a line of plush toys based on my caterpillar characters, the Fatterpillars, and launched a successful Kickstarter to print one of my comics.

I got grumped on Grumpy Witch by fellow artist Kris, who sounded the horn of Gondor for more art talent a few months back. I immediately threw myself into the project in hopes of being selected to join Team Grumpy by Mike and Jenn. And of course they picked me, because I’m the fairest of them all- no, not really, but seriously, I am.

Grumpy Witch: Emilia’s Revenge is everything I want to see in a game: cute concept, cuter witch, and creative designs that hooked me in at first sight. Joining the team was a high point, and everyone on the project is both sleep-deprived and happy to be here. My kind of peoples!

My role on the team focuses on developing art assets. I assist in making assorted environmental objects for Emilia and crew to interact with. I also occasionally design UI assets so you can navigate the Grumpy Witch world in style! And I gotta tell you, it’s totally outrageous seeing your art implemented in the game – you can point to the tree and shout “I made that tree!”


“I made that goblin trash-heap!” isn’t quite as exciting, but hey.


My experience with the team has been quite the awakening, and I can’t wait to create more awesome art pieces for gamers to see and interact with in Grumpy Witch. Trust me, you’ll love what we’re cooking up. Just watch out for the falling batkins!

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