Large Pixel Collider is Now Pixel Constructor!

As you might have noticed, things look slightly different around here now. We recently made the decision to rebrand our little development team, and effective today, we’re happy to share that Large Pixel Collider is now Pixel Constructor, LLC – complete with all-new logo and a revamped website.

Why the name change? Mostly, it’s just us being cautious; with outside investment now coming in, an Indiegogo campaign just around the corner, and our projects beginning to gather more attention, we were eager to avoid any potential legal liabilities, no matter how minor. After all, lawsuits are expensive, and mean time and money being sucked away from where it should really be spent: making great games. Fortunately, it only took a little bit of internal discussion to draw up a new name that everybody was happy with, so here we are!

Our social media accounts have been updated accordingly: going forward, you can find us on Tumblr at and on Twitter as @pixelconstructr. Now, back to development!

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