What’s Been Cooking in June?

After an already jam-packed May, June’s been an extra-busy month for us. Here’s the lowdown on what’s been happening these past four weeks:

Demo Progress

More than anything else, last month was all about hammering out the kinks in our upcoming Grumpy Witch demo. This little playable slice o’ Emilia will show off the game’s first two levels, along with just a couple of the quirky characters you can to expect to deal with in the final product. Getting things over the finish has taken a little longer than expected; among other things, we’ve ended up replacing our entire physics engine to improve playability, requiring a good chunk of re-building and -coding. Core character animations also had to be retooled, pushing back our originally projected completion date.

But we”re confident the extra effort will pay off in the long run. As is this the first chance people will have to see Emilia in action, it’s important that we deliver something both polished and representative of our vision for the game. And everybody on Team Grump – QA, programmers, artists, animators, sound team – has been swinging for the fences to make that happen.

We’ll be announcing a firm release date for the demo soon, so stay tuned!


Demo Title Screen
To tide you over, here’s a look at the current demo title screen.

New Hires

Team Emilia has continued to build in size as development rolls on. June’s been no exception, with three new faces joining the fold:

  • Sean Wheeler and Zach White round out our programming team. Both Sean and Zach have been creating games for many a year, and are busily tweaking physics, integrating assets, and doing all the hard but necessarily behind-the-curtain stuff needed to get our little witch adventure up and running.
  • On the animation side, we’ve tapped “Cranky” Papas, best known for the work he’s done with the Super Best Friends Play collective, to help us out. Among other things, Cranky will be handling the game’s FX, character, and object animations – eldritch fireballs ahoy!


At this point, we’re still targeting a late summer start date for our Kickstarter campaign, and the talented Grumpy Witch art team is now working hard designing physical and digital rewards for our backers. Here’s a little sneak peek at one of them!


Emilia Charm - WIP

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