Who’s Emilia? Meet Our Heroine!

While we’ve spent a lot of time talking about Grumpy Witch, we’ve spent entirely too little talking about the grumpy witch herself: Emilia. Let’s fix that!

Emilia Foot Tap
Emilia as she appears in the game: small, and very, very done with everything.

Twelve years old, incredibly precocious, and very grumpy, Emilia Sorelda vam Quis is a witch of Alderland, a magical plane that’s attuned to Earth. Two years ago, Emilia struck off on her own in a fit of youthful pique and took up residence in the forests at the foot of distant Mount Albans, hoping never to be bothered by adults again.

Unfortunately, life had other ideas. As Grumpy Witch begins, Emilia’s hat, a powerful symbol of witchcraft that’s been in the Vam Quis family for centuries, has been stolen by a sorceress named Fonelle. Worse, Fonelle plans to harness the hat’s considerable powers for her own sinister ends. This is what you might consider rude. Emilia certainly does, and she will not have it.

But to pursue Fonelle, she’ll have to overcome a couple of teeny little obstacles. For starters, Mount Albans and the forest Emilia calls home have been transformed into some kind of floating island. An army of goblins has overrun the woods. Her oven is now inhabited by some kind of gluttonous demon butler. And somebody‘s absconded with her favorite broomstick.

So what’s a witch to do? If you’re Emilia, the answer is simple: grab something blunt and get ready to make people pay.

Tools of the (Revenge) Trade

Our heroine’s one-witch mission of vengeance will see her face down overwhelming odds, along with some of the most powerful spellcasters in space and time. Fortunately, she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve…

Wand – Like any witch worth her salt, Emilia uses wands to cast projectile attacks, smiting enemies at a safe distance for as long as her mana supply lasts. Get a little too trigger-happy? No worries – mana naturally replenishes over time! Her starting wand (nine inches, willow, slightly springy) summons purely damaging projectiles, but later upgrades give her the ability to fry, zap, and even wind-blast Fonelle’s many, many minions.

Frying Pan – In addition to her magical peripherals, Emilia totes a decidedly unmagical (but extremely solid) cast iron pan – perfect for dispatching any foes who manage to survive her sorcery. Other, equally fearsome melee weapons like the Fish Bat and Philosopher’s Hammer are just waiting to be discovered.

Broom – Having a good broom is practically Witchcraft 101, and Emilia is dead set on recovering hers from Fonelle’s goon squad. Once she’s reclaimed her property, though, she can use it to take to the skies, raise hell, and even ferret out the odd secret area here and here. And brooms aren’t the only game in town, though – over time, we’re planning to give Emilia access to a whole range of mounts, ranging from Magda’s Teacup to the legendary (and extremely non-speedy) Battle Snail.

United Colors of Emilia

While Emilia’s attitude couldn’t be dislodged with dynamite, other aspects of her character are a lot more fluid. One of the things we’re most invested in is offering a substantial character creator with which players can mix and match variables to create their own unique versions of Emilia. (“Witchsonas”, if you will.) Though we won’t have full-fledged customization up and running for our first demo, we are shooting for a robust set of choices right off the bat:


Grumpy Witch Customization

From there, the plan is to continue beefing up the game’s character creator as we move into full development, ultimately letting players tweak colors, facial features, hair, and other cosmetic aspects.

A Little Vocal Magic

Grumpy Witch is a story-driven game and Emilia is front and center to that story – choosing her voice actress was always going to be a bit of a make-or-break moment for us. In fact, Emilia was the very last character to be cast. Fortunately, we eventually found the exact person for the job: Kat Kuhl, host of the well-loved RPG podcast Campaign and (this is important) self-proclaimed witch enthusiast.

As Campaign fans will tell you, Kat’s no stranger to creating memorable characters, and we’re confident her Emilia will be no exception. That’s why we’re excited to share the very first official samples of her performance as our heroine:



You’ll be hearing more of Kat’s work in the demo, along with some of the other great voice talent we’ve lined up for the game!


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