Growing… Growing… Growing…

With the first official Grumpy Witch demo juuuuust around the corner, LPC is back in growth mode, bringing on a fresh wave of talent to help us power through this final stretch of development:

  • Our art team has not one, not two, but three new faces: Kailyn Boehm, Ash Haramaki, and Rachel Fogg. All three are seasoned illustrators who’ve hit the ground running, and are hard at work cranking out great-looking assets for our first brace of levels.
  • They are joined by Brandon Moulton, a SCAD-trained animator and modeler who’ll be helping to breathe life into our characters and monsters.
  • On the programming side, we’re happy to welcome Benjamin Ferrell, a veteran software engineer with OpenGL, DirectX, and SDL background and 5 years of C++ game engine development experience, to our intrepid crew of Unity-wranglers.
  • In the back office, we’ve added Michael Priestley to assist with market and sales research, finances, and scheduling — in short, pretty everything that keeps our little enterprise running.

Thanks to all these extra hands — and plenty of sweat from the rest of Team Emilia! — we’ve been able to make some fantastic progress this month. Keep an eye on this space for screenshots, audio samples, game art, and more, more, more!

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