It’s Gonna be May! Oh, Wait, It Already Is…


Hello, Everyone!

As you know, it’s been quite a while since we’ve posted any news – we’ve all been hard at work on Emilia Saga Grumpy Witch, and yours truly isn’t the best at communicating when he’s got his teeth in something. At any rate, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the progress we’ve been making in the game’s development, team movements, and other news of great relevance to those of you who have been following the game’s development already. So let’s just get into that.

First off, of course, is the name change; the game, previously known as Emilia Saga, has been retitled to Grumpy Witch: Emilia’s Revenge. As said in our last post on the topic, the name was just too abstract. I grew up playing Japanese RPGs and action games, many of which were called X Saga or Y Saga and such, so apparently my brain craned that way when selecting a title. It suggests something different to many people, however, where Grumpy Witch is…well, it’s all right there on the tin, isn’t it? It suggests a grumpy witch getting revenge, which is exactly what the game’s about. Glorious, glorious vengeance!

But I digress.

Changing the name this early in the development cycle means that those who still remember the game’s working title pre-announcement, Grumpy Witch Simulator 2015, won’t really be confused – and those who are just discovering it won’t be, either. By subtitling it Emilia’s Revenge, we can also produce additional titles in a Grumpy Witch franchise, as apparently there is a great thirst out there for grumpy witches breaking things and generally causing trouble. By this fact alone I feel safe assuming that civilization is not as doomed as many people seem to think it is. All things considered, it just means more fun in the future for players and ease of game production on our end. Win/win!

The second bit of news is an expansion of our team. We’ve already announced the hiring of a producer and a level designer, but we’ll be adding a few more people on the art side as well. Because all of the art in the game is hand drawn, Grumpy Witch requires a good deal of artists to make happen; LPC is now as much a tiny animation studio as it is a games studio, which has proven to be an additional challenge over the past few months. To keep things running, we’ve found it absolutely necessary to add creative minds to the pool – more hands produce more art – but we’re focusing on finding people who have similar styles to our existing art team or can effectively mimic the game’s artistic flavor. We also had some growing pains with creating a coherent art style for the game, but now that this is all done, asset and stage production is ticking along very nicely.

Project Progress

What about the game itself? As some of you may know, we intend to run a crowdfunding campaign for Grumpy Witch very soon now – however, we’d like people to see that we’ve already been working away on a product before they send their money along, and want to show an example of what Grumpy Witch offers for backers. Most of our time over the past months has been concerned with constructing a short working demo, along with the visual and development foundation that makes the game possible; we’d also prefer for the majority of the game’s design and systems to be well-established by the time the funding campaign takes place, giving us a clear, well-organized, and timely path toward completing Grumpy Witch. Now that we’re surfacing from that and our team has sufficiently grown, we’ve got a lot more space to be talkative and share production, art, and story news as things progress.

So that’s about it for now. In the coming weeks, you’ll see screenshots, videos, and articles from our staff about the development process. We’re all really excited about sharing Grumpy Witch with the world now that we’re getting to the point where there’s something real to share. So, watch for us! We’re here, and we’re ready to make things a lot of fun!

Thanks for everything,

Michael Shean
Pixel Constructor, LLC

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