Welcome to Grumpy Witch: Emilia’s Revenge, a high-flying magical adventure of the most sarcastic sort. You’ll take on the role of Emilia Sorelda vam Quis, a young witch with a lot of power, and- what’s that? This all sounds extremely familiar? Well…

Grumpy Witch Logo Plus Emilia

After some internal discussion, we recently decided to rename our debut title, Emilia Saga, to something just a little punchier. There’s a couple of reasons for this switch-up, but the biggest two are:

  • Clarity of Concept. Emilia Saga was a good title, but also an abstract one – if you ran into it on, say, a list of Steam releases, the name alone wouldn’t tell you much about the game, save that it involved somebody named Emilia. But with Grumpy Witch, you know exactly what you’re going to get: witches and grump. At a time when there’s more games than ever competing for attention, that kind of clarity can make a big difference.
  • Room for Future Expansion. If Grumpy Witch takes off in a big way (and we certainly hope it does!), the new title gives us more room to build out a series – even one that’ll go beyond Emilia and her misadventures.

But Emilia‘s name isn’t the only thing seeing a change. Behind the scenes, it’s been tweaks-a-plenty as we get ready to unleash our first demo on the general populace, and we’ll be talking a lot more about those tweaks in future updates. In the meantime, enjoy the brand new Grumpy Witch logo created by Kristen Bailey and our equally brand new Producer, Jennifer Williamson. (More on her soon, too!)

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