Adieu, 2015! A Magical Wrap-Up Of The Year

Happy New Year from Emilia and the Large Pixel Collider Team!
Happy New Year from Emilia and the LPC Team!

Hello, Everyone!

The holidays are done, and the end of the year is just upon us – adieu, 2015, and welcome 2016! The past year has been an incredible one for us here at Large Pixel Collider. We’re a brand new operation, of course, less than six months old – however, in that time, we’ve come together, laid down the foundation of Emilia Saga, and begun development of this fantastic game. Since the announcement, you’ve seen some of the features of the project, a few silly scribbles, and met a few of us – but what will 2016 bring to those of you following us on our journey?

First and foremost, you can expect a fairly regular stream of updates – concept art, project development, dramatis personae, and the world of Emilia Saga, as well as more introductions from the LPC staff. You might even get some hints on how to cosplay Emilia and her friends, ahead of the game’s completion and the publication of its companion cosplay manual!  I want this to be an experience that we can share with all of you, something you can enjoy well ahead of Emilia Saga‘s completion. We’d like you here for the journey, not just the destination!

Project Progress

Though of course software development is a living, organic thing – very slippery! – work on Emilia Saga‘s first set of stages is in full swing. Our intention is to produce a limited playable demo that contains the game’s first realm and the beginning of its story before we move to the crowdfunding phase, which will assist in completion of Emilia Saga. The demo will also cover all of the game’s core mechanics, giving us a solid foundation for the rest of Emilia Saga‘s development. The majority of what we want to do with the demo is already planned and ready for production, and we’re currently projecting that it will be completed sometime in the coming spring, though obviously the goal posts are not yet firmly rooted!

Voice talent, something that we’d like to include in the final release, is currently being scouted for the demo. We have potentials for every role but Emilia – by far the most important voice! – but good progress is being made in the audition process, and it appears that we’ll have a full lineup of actors in time for the demo release.

On the music front, our composer, Tim Sheehy, has been hard at work producing the score – focusing on the demo, but also producing the occasional bit of magic that will be used later in the game. I can’t tell you how excited I am about that; throughout my experience with video games, it’s the music that most often truly transports the player into these new worlds, and I believe Tim’s work will do the same for Emilia Saga.  We will, of course, try and share some of that magic before the game’s completed.

Special Thanks to Talented People

In the end, though I founded Large Pixel Collider, I cannot take credit for the incredible progress that we’ve made in the last months  It’s the hard work and devotion of the LPC team that’s made everything happen – everyone, from the art team and developers to sound and marketing, has done a truly incredible job taking Emilia Saga from pipedream to full-blown development. Though we are an indie games company in its infancy, and many of us are new to the industry, I often feel as though I’m watching a team of veterans hard at work.  So to them I give my deepest thanks – and to you, those of you who are already following our project with great interest and anticipation. You are the people for whom we create our story, and I hope that you’ll enjoy the tale which we are busy weaving for you.

2016 promises to be an incredible year. I can’t wait to unravel its secrets with you all!

Michael Shean
Pixel Constructor, LLC

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